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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Transforming Halloween

Happy October! Has yours flown by as quickly as mine has? I can't believe that Halloween is almost here!

So, let's get to it. Are you the typical family who dress up, drive to all the "best" candy houses, fill up your (kids') bucket or pillowcase with a TON of trick-or-treat candy & then gorge yourselves with it for the next week? How does it make you feel? If it doesn't leave you feeling good, the great news, is that we can improve that!

Here are 3 simple ideas you could try to start changing the culture of Halloween in your house, with minimal notice!

1. Redefine "Treats"
When we are actually home for Halloween or participate in a neighborhood "trunk or treat," I typically give out the Stretch Island Fruit Leather & Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Mint Drops (they are only 3 ingredients, pretty satisfying after eating 1 or 2 & have much less sugar than typical Halloween candy). All we have to do is walk down the street, to confirm that our kids and even parents don't need any more sugar.  

2. Just Ditch the Treats!
I love how many people I have heard are handing out small toys and things instead of candy for Halloween lately! I think it's a brilliant idea & I don't know many kids who don't enjoy new toys & trinkets to play with!

Have a lot of trick or treaters at your house? No problem! You can get 100 Glow Stick Bracelets for $10! If I've done my math correctly, that's $0.10 each... you spent at least that on each piece of candy normally, right? Awesome 😊  

How about 72 Monster Tattoos for less than $5? I think my favorite find on Amazon is the 72-pack of Glitter Sticky Hands for $7! If you order quickly, you could even still use the convenient Amazon option and have them arrive before Halloween!

3. PLAY!
We completely ditched all of the Halloween traditions last year. We packed up the car & headed south to enjoy some family bike rides and hiking in the warmer weather. It was amazing & we really didn't miss all the treats and stress of figuring out costumes at all! 

There you have it. Three simple ideas.  It can feel great & be really empowering to step out of the norms & do something different, especially when you feel it is a better option for you/your family. 

So... I challenge you to be bold & try something different and hopefully a little more healthy for Halloween this year! What'll it be?