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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Perfect Dairy-free, Creamy Hot Cocoa

This warm cup of deliciousness is perfect for a winter day and won't give you a food hang over or a huge muffin top (unless you make it every day or something). You don't need much to make it (time or ingredients), which is pretty awesome!

Being the crazy foodie that I am... I decided to do my own experiment using a few different options of sweeteners to make the perfect dairy-free hot cocoa. I made 3 equal amounts of cocoa but used either honey, stevia, or pure Grade B Maple Syrup to sweeten them.

Which sweetener do you think won the taste test?

Of the 3, my husband and I both liked the maple syrup best but came to the conclusion that the very best combo is a mixture of both stevia and maple syrup.

Try the sweetener taste test for yourself & be sure to let me know your preference!

The Perfect Dairy-free, Creamy Hot Cocoa

1 Serving

1 1/2 cups of liquid (I used 3/4 cup of full-fat coconut milk & 3/4 cup water)
3-4 tsp cacao powder
1 1/2 tsp pure grade B maple syrup
1 packet stevia (about 1/2 tsp, you can omit the stevia and use 2 1/2 tsp syrup instead)

1. Bring liquid to a boil.
2. Pour the rest of the ingredients into the hot liquid.
3. Whisk until frothy and enjoy!

For fun, add a drop of peppermint or orange essential oil (2 drops of peppermint was too much for my taste), maybe a dash of cinnamon or vanilla and top with whipped coconut milk cream (the cream was a heavenly addition to mine)!