"...what a person accomplishes in life is directly correlated with the people around them." - John Berardi

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Challenge: Counting Good Decisions

Hey there! Ready for a new week and a new challenge? 

By nature, I have many areas in life where I am definitely a perfectionist. Honestly, it's not an easy mindset to live with & I have often wished that attribute of mine away. It can be a exhausting, caring about certain things that much :) 

I've had plenty of times where I got upset with myself for "giving in" to some indulgence, to the point of obsessing about it in my head that it lessened the quality of my day, instead of looking at all of the many great decisions I made that day. Essentially, I was blowing the less desirable decisions way out of proportion and pretty much ignoring the positive actions. 

I once read that it does not come down to "good" and "bad" decisions necessarily; just choices, with consequences that may or may not be desirable to you. I think that perspective can be really powerful; treat them for what they are, decisions. 

So this week, I'm challenging each of us to use a lot of self-love by not getting caught up on the things we wished we did differently. Instead, recognize all the good decisions you DID make, building on it, & moving forward. For the example, I mentioned earlier about an indulgence. Instead of being upset with myself for choosing it, enjoy it and then look at all of the healthful decisions I made that day (no processed foods in my homemade breakfast, lunch, snacks, & dinner). Those are a lot of positive actions, right? 

Instead of getting after yourself for not making it to the gym that day, recognize and congratulate yourself other types of movement you did fit it. Maybe you took a walk on your lunch break or made time to roll around and play with the kids. Maybe you pushed through the yard work that needed to be done. Those are all great things too! 

You may find it useful to write down & journal the good decisions made throughout the day. I'm hoping it will be a powerful, thought-provoking challenge this week. You'll probably find, that there are a lot of great & positive things you're doing everyday. Let's take the time to recognize them & allow them to inspire us to improve other daily decisions that will help us become our best selves!

What good decisions have you made today? Let's get counting!