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Thursday, June 12, 2014


There's lots of hype out there about superfoods these days, eh?

Seriously, just Google "superfoods" and you will be surprised at all of the different lists out there ranging from certain berries, to eggs, to kale, to cacao/cocoa powder, to seaweed, to salmon, & chia seeds. One blog post I found, basically called any food that wasn't processed a super food. That seems to take a little bit of the magic out of the idea, doesn't it? :)

So what are super-foods and are they all they are cracked up to be? There isn't a solid definition for superfoods but they are generally accepted as foods that are rich sources needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. I'm going to cover a few today that generally aren't as popular in the mainstream but are fantastic, especially for your gut health, digestion, and skin.

I've also got a recipe included for one of the super-foods. Check it out!

Fermented Foods - Most fermented foods are relatively easy to make and much more cost effective too! The main thing about them, is that they need time. Sauerkraut can sit out for weeks fermenting before storing it in the refrigerator. You don't need to eat very much of it to reap the benefits. A couple of bites in the morning with your breakfast or on a salad is sufficient.

Fermented foods are but not not limited to:
  • Sauerkraut 
  • Kimchi
  • Fermented veggie mix
  • Yogurt
  • Kefir
Organ Meats - Get to know your butcher and they will be happy to sell you the liver, heart, etc. I like to blend up about 1/4 cup of liver & add it to a 1 lb batch of herb meatballs. Delicious & nutritious and nobody will even suspect it's in there :)

Herbal Tea - Find an organic blend you enjoy and sip on it whenever you like during the day. I'm more of an afternoon/evening girl with this one. If you're like me & don't naturally enjoy the taste of very many herbal teas, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice into it to liven up the experience (and help out your liver)!

Bone Broth - This is one that phases in and out with me, so I'm continually renewing my efforts to keep up the habit. A small cup in the morning while you're making breakfast is a great time to drink it. I really notice a difference in my body, feeling especially nourished with less cravings when I've been drinking bone broth consistently. If you don't want to drink it plain, add it to a soup or other recipes that call for it.

Bone Broth

Filtered water
Soup bones (I love the flavor from chicken bones the best but any from a properly raised animal work)
Seasonings of choice

1. Place soup bones in the crock pot.
2. Fill the crock pot full of water until about an inch is remaining from the top.
3. Add a couple tablespoons of vinegar & desired seasonings.
4. Turn the crock pot on high until it boils & then turn down to low for at least 24 hours.
5. Taste & adjust seasonings to your liking and then strain out the bones.
6. Store the broth in a container in the fridge for up to a week. 

*Note: Once the broth cools, a layer of fat will solidify at the top, which often tastes pretty bitter. If you don't like the taste, simply remove the solidified fat layer before heating up the broth again for use.

There you have it; a few super-foods you may have never thought of before. Do you have any of them currently on a regular basis?