"...what a person accomplishes in life is directly correlated with the people around them." - John Berardi

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly Challenge: Move!

Greetings! Hope you've had a great weekend. It was gorgeous here which always makes for a happy Bethany :)

Did you try out the daily affirmations? I enjoyed it and definitely need to keep it up! I don't know why, but some people are much more prone to positive thoughts than others. Thankfully, positive practice can help it become more habitual for those of us who don't think that way more naturally.

Well, I'm ready for a new challenge... How about you?

I hope you have a great weather forecast like we do this week but even if you don't, I encourage you to take the challenge to make time for a little extra movement each day. Ideally, it would mostly come in some form of play, with those who matter most to you! If you can also get at least 15 minutes of sunshine while you're at it, even better! 

We've got a family hike planned for tomorrow & a couple of bike rides so far. We have also really been into picnics & walks at the park lately. I'm hoping to also squeeze in some tennis, 2 days of body weight exercises, & 1 day of sprints. Think I can do it?!? I'm going to give it my best shot!

What ways would you like to get in more movement this week?