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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gluten & Corn-free Wrap

So I was talking to my husband the other day about what food was going to be served at one of his meetings and he said, "it's just going to be one of those gross wraps." Call me pregnant (due Nov 30th!), but I actually thought a wrap sounded really good! It's been so long since I've had one, that I can't remember the last time. So that silly conversation and my pregnancy craving/obsession is what set me on a mission for today's post. :D

You may be wondering why I don't just use a regular tortilla, since they are usually gluten-free anyway? I'm not going to go into the details here, (other than to say that corn has very little to offer us nutritionally & is used to make animals fat/big quickly; think about it...) but we will eat corn occasionally outside our home. We just don't seek it out.

I found these "Simple Paleo Tortillas" on the Stupid Easy Paleo site. They looked so soft and moldable, so I decided to give them a try.  I have to say that I'm really happy with them but I do have a couple of lessons learned.

First lesson, use about half of the fillings you think you should use for your wrap. I ended up having 2 small wraps for lunch since I piled way too much in the first one I stuffed. Second lesson, Steph says to make 3-8" tortillas but I thought they were a little small for my liking. Next time, I plan on making 2 wraps that are closer to 12" each so I have a nice big tortilla to work with. Two small wraps were fine but why make 2 for lunch when you can make it slightly larger and only need one?

Yes, I'm a bit lazy.. :) Enjoy!

Gluten & Corn-free Wrap

2 eggs
1 teaspoon melted ghee (or melted coconut oil)
1 Tablespoon water
1/4 cup arrowroot powder
1 teaspoon coconut flour
Pinch of salt
If making crepes for a sweet application, add 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Crack the eggs into a medium-sized bowl and whisk in the melted ghee (or coconut oil) and water.
2. Add the dry ingredients—arrowroot, coconut flour and salt—and beat well to combine.
3. In a 10" or 12" non-stick skillet, over medium heat, pour in about 1/2 of the batter and immediately roll it around to evenly coat the bottom. The tortilla should start to pull away from the edges as it cooks.
4. Cook for approximately 1 minute on each side.
5. If saving for later, cool completely and store in a plastic bag or airtight glass container.
6. Fill the tortilla with your favorite veggies, meats, and sauces (I used cucumbers, olives, avocado, romaine, & chunks of chicken seasoned with a Smoky Blend) or try it for a sweet treat with berries and coconut milk whipped cream

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