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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Whole Food Kids

Way to make it half way through the week! I hope you're having tons of fun with the Love Languages challenge this week because we definitely are at our house! My husband surprised me with a new massage oil from his trip. A massage even came with it; which is one of my favorite things ever! There are so many different ways to express love, so I hope you're finding things that work well for whoever you picked to improve the relationship with this week :D

So... I've been thinking a lot lately about the health and unfortunately the lack thereof, of children today. It's amazing how often kids are sick, have trouble sitting still/focusing, are overweight/obese, covered in acne, have poor teeth & vision, and are being diagnosed with diseases SO early in life! Our nutrient-poor diets, products & environment full of toxins, lack of physical activity, and chronic stress are all contributing to what we're seeing in kids today.

For this post, I mostly want to focus on the diet aspect contributing to these issues. Why? Because we all eat. Often. And too many that don't nourish us. Small changes in the food department can swing huge doors. Depending on where you are personally and the age of your kids, I get that making a transition to a whole food lifestyle can be very challenging. Especially if your children are used to being chucked full of carbohydrates and sweets galore all day, every day! Their pallet is going to take some time to adjust, just likes yours, in learning to appreciate the amazing, natural sweetness and flavors of real food.

I wanted to provide some resources of others who have already been through the transition with their kids or are currently living it. Just like anything else, take a little time to browse through as many of them as you can to figure out which ones resonate with you and feel like they could help support your family.

1. Paleo Parents have fantastic cookbooks, a podcast, recipes and tons of articles on the challenges of getting a family on board with eating whole foods.

2. The Foodie & the Family has a really fun site that also has great recipes as well as meal planning & menus.

3. My Natural Family has a great post on 30 Paleo Recipes for kids. Some of these are really fun, check them out!

4. Paleo Mama has a 30 Recipe Main Dish Paleo post that are focused on being inexpensive and many of them are very quick to make!

5. Paleo Non Paleo has 11 tips to help your family make the transition to whole foods as well.

6. The Primal Parent has oodles of articles focused on kids, pregnancy (and after), recipes, etc.

7. Wellness Mama also has some great recipes, DIY home products, fitness, and motherhood posts.

This is just a small start for a list of resources but I want you to know that this type of transition is possible and there are so many resources out there (and most are free!) to help guide you through it. What resources have you found to be helpful in getting your family to eat more real food?