"...what a person accomplishes in life is directly correlated with the people around them." - John Berardi

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekly Challenge: Unplug

What a week! We were hit with the stomach flu or something again, so it threw a bit of a wrench in our week. I'm really thankful I was feeling well enough today to enjoy a 25-mile bike ride with my boys! The sunshine felt tremendous and I'm usually a pretty happy girl on my bike with my favorite people. I love that it's something we can do together as a family :)

So tell me about the love languages challenge this week. How did it go? What did you think? I feel like I ended up more on the receiving than the giving end of it this week with my son and I getting sick. My husband and I did have a great discussion early in the week about the ways that make us feel the most loved and I think we both learned something. I thought the time was well spent and we were able to do some of the things for each other this week. Can't help but love, love. When you choose to love, it really is contagious!

I hope you'll keep this exercise in mind and practice it often with those who matter most to you!

Let's start a new challenge, eh?

I'm going to keep it simple but there are a few reasons and benefits I see from taking on this challenge. So, the challenge, is to "unplug" yourself from electronic devices by 8pm each night this week. That means you'll need to get in your Facebook time, Instagram, Twitter, E-mail, movies, blogging, etc. in before 8pm.

Some of the reasons this exercise can be very beneficial is that it will somewhat "force" you to spend time with those around you. You'll likely sleep better because you won't have all the light at night tricking your brain into thinking it's still day time. You will hopefully make better use of this time on a new hobby, playing with your kids, reading a great book, getting outside, enjoying fun play/movement, etc. There's probably plenty of other benefits to turning off the electronics in the evening but these were the main ones that came to mind.

This might be a bit hard, but we can do it! What other benefits do you see coming from this challenge?