"...what a person accomplishes in life is directly correlated with the people around them." - John Berardi

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekly Challenge: 15-Minute Win

Last day of "unplugging" by 8pm! What did you think of this challenge? It was quite hard for me the first couple of days but overall I really liked it. My husband and I read books apart & together a few of the evenings. We also went for walks & did other activities as a family.

I even cleaned out & organized my kitchen pantry one evening, instead of idling my time away on Facebook or something after putting my son to bed. It felt like a really good use of my time & keeps "paying me back" each time I open the pantry & see it all clean & organized.

Before getting to the new challenge, I do want to give a little more follow up on the food tracking challenge from a couple of weeks ago since I'm still doing it. 

I decided to indulge a lot this week with celebrating birthday month (a Red Robin Birthday Burger, Coldstone ice cream, quite a bit of chocolate, & shared some donuts at the local shop with my boys) & I am definitely seeing the affects from these food choices. Sorry if it's TMI for you but I think it's important for people to know that there is a very real correlation between what we eat & how our bodies respond.

Here is what I wasn't experiencing before this week:
  • Tons of bloating, especially around the waistline
  • Zits along hairline and neck
  • Constipation
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Head aches
  • Nasal congestion 
  • Fogginess & sleepiness
  • Poor Sleep
  • Clothes not fitting so well
Kind of ridiculous, right? And for some reason, I still think I'm "celebrating" by eating this way... I don't deal with these symptoms when I am eating clean, whole foods and little or no processed/junk food. I guess my point, is that we don't have to live this way. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, I'd definitely suggest first, evaluating what you're eating and how much. Some people can tolerate more "indulgences" than others. Figure out what your tolerance level is and if any of these types of symptoms are "worth it" to you. :)

Alright, enough of that... I've been thinking a lot about a leadership training I went to last year, where one of my friends talked about "15-minute wins." She talked about how, especially as a mother, we often get excited over fairly small accomplishments (actually getting to shower, folding a load of laundry, completing a home-cooked meal, etc.). But her point in bringing this up, is that these are things to be excited about and proud of.

As you break a task down into 15-minutes blocks, many of these tasks will only take 1, 15-minute block to complete (often less time than that, like making your bed). Others, will of course take longer. I strongly believe it is the small things we do consistently, that really add up and have lasting change. So the challenge this week, is to break down tasks each day into actions you can accomplish in 15 minutes or less. Most of us can muster up enough energy and time for a 15-minute task, right?

The other concept I'd like to add to the challenge is to try and "eat the frog first." Most of us have that one thing during the day that we just don't want to do. Maybe it's "that project" at work, exercising, a certain chore at home, packing your lunch for the next day, a homework assignment or paper, etc.  Whatever the task is that you just don't want to do, try and get it done first.

As humans, we can easily get caught up in thinking so much about what we don't want to do, that it could have been completed (sometimes many times over) in the time we spent worrying about or dreading it. Instead, get it done first and then enjoy the "freedom" from this task and get on enjoying your day!

I love how much I can get done in a day and how accomplished I feel when I look at tasks in 15-minute blocks. That small shift in perspective really helps my mind get over the barrier of not wanting to do something. What tricks do you have for helping yourself get things done and past the tasks you dread doing?