"...what a person accomplishes in life is directly correlated with the people around them." - John Berardi

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekly Challenge: Be Present

Wow... what a week, right? This challenge has been good and tough and I plan to keep doing my best to keep up the increased non-starchy vegetable intake at our house! We tend to get in enough protein and quality fat pretty consistently (which keeps us satiated and full) but we could always eat more veg! How did the challenge go for you? Did you learn or discover anything?

I love how good I feel when I'm getting in enough non-starchy vegetables along with good protein and fat. When I say "how good I feel" I mean that my skin improves, sugar cravings are minimal or nonexistent, & I seem to be able to handle the daily happenings of life better!

So, I'm steering away from the food challenges for this upcoming week and want to issue a challenge that I think is really important... What do you think it is?

The topic of "being present" became very important to me a couple of years ago as I was struggling with an area of my life. It seemed to be putting a dark cloud over all the rest of the really great things life was offering me. I found myself getting caught in the mindset that "I will be happen when..." It took me quite a while, but what I finally realized, is that I could use that phrase forever. It wasn't until I took the time to stop and enjoy where I was in that exact moment that I allowed myself to feel happy.

The challenge this week is to be present at every moment possible. This will vary throughout your day. If you're at work, try to really listen to what others are saying in that meeting you typically day dream in. Or try taking a good 30 minutes at each meal to really appreciate the flavors & the time and effort you or a loved one put into making it. Enjoy some friendly conversation. Love yourself and your body just the way it is today, with the knowledge that you're doing your best to make positive changes and nourish it daily. There will be moments this week that will be hard. Try to take the time to observe your feelings, acknowledge them, and find something to be learned from them.

I'm going to focus on enjoying every second with my son this week. He's in a pretty whiny phase right now, which definitely makes it harder to appreciate the fun moments (as the whining gets exhausting some days). Realizing that the whiny moments will likely come, I am going to stop whatever I think I need to get done, pick him up, squeeze him, kiss him, tickle him, and enjoy how much my son loves me. I am going to soak in the sparkle in his big brown eyes. Revel in and join him in his contagious laugh and squinty-eyed smile. I'm going to have more joy in the daily rolling around, playing our hearts out, and wearing the knees out in our pants! We may even end up turning off the light switches all day long just because it's that cool to a spunky 9-month old boy :) 

These precious moments and opportunities don't last forever. I want to enjoy them and allow them to help me be my best self. No regrets. Live in the present! 

What tricks do you have to help yourself be more present throughout your daily activities?