"...what a person accomplishes in life is directly correlated with the people around them." - John Berardi

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Weekly Challenge: Detox Shmeetox...

Happy Saturday! How did you do with snack planning this week? Did you find it helpful? Hopefully it came in useful and maybe even tried something new this week. I have made snack planning a pretty solid habit and I don't think we've had a week where they weren't needed!

I'm excited for the new challenge because you can take it from whatever avenue you want. We are going to talk detox, from the inside and the outside. So what is all this talk we hear about detoxing anyway?

The challenge this week is to do some form of "detoxing" each day. We can "detox" our lives in many different ways. Some are internal and others are external but can also aid our well-being. Let me expand on what I mean and share some ideas of what you could try out.

From a food perspective, your body will naturally detox on its own as you replace processed foods (just about anything that you buy in a box or package) with whole foods (do I need to define them...). So maybe one day this week you could throw out the box of macaroni and cheese and instead whip up a quick and delicious stir fry with your favorite meat and veggies!

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could buy something organic that you typically don't. An easy and economical option would be to buy organic spinach. It's so versatile because it can be thrown in an omelette, a green smoothie, make a salad, throw it in a stir fry, put it on a primal pizza... You may have heard of studies that say organic produce is not any more nutritious than traditional produce. Whether or not that is true in all cases, organic food is free of the toxins and chemicals that clog up our bodies. The more our bodies have to deal with those toxins/chemicals, the less time and resources it has to help us heal from injury, sickness, get rid of body fat, etc.

More along the food lines, you could try a day, two, three, or maybe even all week away from soda or a sugar detox. You know what your vice is; give it a shot. Once you get past the withdrawal stage (which you will very likely have and get past; I promise it will end), your body will thank you!

Maybe there is a person or people in your life that you could slowly "detox" from. If they aren't making a positive impact on your life, then consider spending a little less time with them this week and instead, surround yourself with people who will help you be your best self!

Stuff... we've all got it. In this particular area of life, I love the saying that "less is more." Less stuff, means more room to live, think, and create. Consider throwing out that old shirt you don't like anyway or clean out your junk drawer one of the days this week. If you tend to get attached to your stuff, give it away to a second-hand store or someone you know who needs it. It will get put to good use!

Cleaning and cosmetic/personal care products are chocked full of harmful chemicals that are really messing with our hormones. Yes, even the expensive ones from very popular brands. The average woman absorbs 5 lbs of harmful chemicals each year. Yikes! It is literally skin food. Here are some good alternatives, or even better, make your own! If you're not ready to get rid of any products quite yet, then take the challenge of reading this article one of the days this week. I hope it will at least get you thinking about what you're "feeding" your body from the outside.

Are you carrying around negative thoughts, self-doubt, or resentment? Let it go this week. Try some meditation, positive affirmations, or exercise forgiveness. Think freedom! 

What other ideas do you have on areas that could use a good "detox" this week?