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Monday, January 20, 2014

Top 6 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

I actually call my kitchen tools my toys because most of them I really love using! If we are serious about reclaiming health back, we've got to prepare more meals and snacks at home. In order to make this easier, here are the top 6 must-have kitchen tools according to Bethany... :)

Good Blender - Any blender will do, for a while but I would suggest getting a high quality one once your old one dies or you have room for it in your budget. I have a Blendtec but have heard good things about the Vitamix and the Ninja (this one is the most affordable). It's not uncommon for me to use mine multiple times a day. I keep finding more and more uses for it it all the time and am not sure how our household would function without it!

Food Processor - This was such a foreign tool to me until a few years ago and now I use it many times each week. There isn't a lot that my blender can't do but there are a few things I still prefer or need my food processor to make (like coconut butter... mmm...)

Deep freeze - We're in a townhouse and have managed to find room for one, even in our limited space. We place a bulk nut order once a year, buy a quarter grass-fed beef about 2 times a year, and freeze gallon bags of tomatoes & frozen berries (for smoothies) when they're in season. This is a huge part of our food storage and so we actually bought a generator this year that generates just enough to keep it cold if we ever had a long power outage. Buying in bulk can really save money on quality foods, so having a place to store it is essential!

Good knives - It's a little funny I wrote this one because it's one I'm STILL working on. For how much I cook every day and prepare snacks, you'd think I'd have an amazing knife set... but I don't. I do have plenty of knives and a "Nicer Dicer" to help get quick chopping done but one of these days, I'm hoping my sweetheart will surprise me with an amazing knife set (wink, wink).

Dehydrator - This one you can get by without (mostly by using the oven instead) but I definitely prefer having it. I make jerky in it a couple of times a month. We also like to dry apple slices and make apple leather when they're in season. I plan on playing around with it more to make baby "fruit snacks" and such. This is another tool that I find more and more uses for all the time. I have the 9-tray Excalibur Dehydrator.

Storage Containers - This isn't really a "tool" but whether it's plastic or glass tupperware, ziploc bags, or small plastic containers, make sure you have plenty of options to pack lunches, snacks, and items that will be used later. Our dishwasher is mostly packed with these because we use them constantly.

What tools do you have in the kitchen that are an absolute must for you? How is the detoxing going so far?