"...what a person accomplishes in life is directly correlated with the people around them." - John Berardi

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Freedom

Today I am thankful for freedom. The amazing thing about that simple phrase is just how much freedom actually covers. Specifically what has come to my mind today, is the freedom to spend my days as I choose. I can raise my child how I want, pursue any career, worship as I please, ramble on a blog, and curl up in a blanket and read my book instead of doing housework like I probably "should" tonight :)

I realize that not everyone has these freedoms (along with MANY others I have) and know that the freedom I enjoy was certainly not "free." Many wonderful people have been severely injured and given their lives so that I can do so many things. I think I take it for granted too often. This country is definitely not perfect but I'm so thankful to live here! 

What are you grateful for today? I hope you're enjoying the weekly challenge to play. I know I have and the great news is, that there are still 2 more glorious weekend days of it!