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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekly Challenge: Sugar Free!

Frozen fruit sorbet - definitely sugar-free!
How did your gluten-free week go? I can't wait to hear the details!

We survived Halloween and all the ridiculous amounts of sugar floating around, so what better time for a little sugar detox? Just in time to get all ready for Thanksgiving!

Did you know that the average American consumes over 150 lbs of sugar a year? Craziness, right?! I would really love to declare war against sugar but for now, let's just "take a break" from the "bad boyfriend/girlfriend" for a week to see if we really want that relationship anymore. :) If you're really hard core, keep the gluten out while you're at it as well!

Before you get too excited about all the different kinds of sugar, let me define the sugar we're avoiding for the next week. Natural sugars found in fruits and veggies are totally allowed during the challenge. If you're up for the full challenge of freeing yourself from a lot of cravings, also keep out other "natural" sugars such as honey, agave, maple syrup, etc. for the week and see how you feel. 

Try not to focus on what you "can't eat" but use this as an opportunity to enjoy a decreasing waistline & pay attention to the control sugar might have over you. This week, you're free! Enjoy the natural sweetness found in fruits & vegetables!

If you never read labels before, this is the week to start! You'll be shocked at some of the foods that contain sugar (bacon, ketchup, crackers, soup, etc.). If you're worried about what to eat for breakfast with sugary cereal, bagels, and yogurt out of the picture, cook up a couple of eggs, an omelette, a green smoothie, or even eat leftovers from dinner the night before. So easy, so delicious, & so tasty!

What food that includes sugar will be the hardest for you to take a break from this week? Mine is definitely my 85% dark chocolate