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Monday, November 18, 2013

Sweet Tooth Strategies

How is the sugar-free week going so far? I'm doing pretty well with it but thought it might be useful to share some sweet tooth strategies since most of us seem to get them.

Stay busy. I find it much less difficult to stay away from sugar when I'm busy. Explore a hobby, read, find fun movement/play to do. Photography is a great getaway for me when I remember to do it :) 

Get plenty of sleep. This one probably affects me the most. When I don't sleep well or enough, I tend to want sugar, especially if stressed & tired. If you need a nap, find a way to safely take one. Thirty minutes can make a world of difference & might save your waistline.

Go for a walk. Sometimes when I'm busy but bored with what I'm doing, I find a walk to be a great way to take a break & free myself of a sugar craving.

I generally don't suggest using food to try to remedy emotions but if you've tried a couple of these strategies without any luck, you can always find a piece of fruit or have a baked sweet potato with some quality butter & cinnamon. It's SOOO good!

Are any of these helpful? What do you do to help fight off a sweet tooth?